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We Help You Rock The Physiotherapy Multiple Mini Interview (MMI)!

What People Say About Entry To PT

" I am very happy I signed up for the Entry to PT Course, and recommend this course to those applying to a Physiotherapy program""
Andrew Dreger
"I was incredibly pleased with the quality and depth of the feedback that I received , and felt very comfortable when it was my MMI day "
Abigail Idiagbor
"Signing up for the Entry to PT course was essential during my preparation process"
Camila Schujman
“I truly feel that this (MMI) prep course was a valuable resource in my preparation process and that it can help prepare others as well.
Irini Youssef
"I believe Entry To PT is a resource that should be used by those who are preparing for the MMI and I am confident in their services. "
Kurtis Gustafson
"I highly recommend this course! It made me feel more prepared and confident for my actual interview (MMI)! "​
Danielle Moran

What Makes Entry To PT Different?

- MMI Services Offered By Canadian Physiotherapists

- Instructors Are Canadian University Physiotherapy Graduates

- Individualized Feedback Offered After Mock Interviews (Gold & Platinum Package Only)

- Services Are Offered Year Round, So You Can Start Preparing When You Want To

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All You Need To Succeed
At The Physiotherapy MMI




Entry To PT Is For You If...

- You're Looking For Expert Advice

- You Have Dreams Of Becoming A Physiotherapist

- You Want To Rock The Physiotherapy MMI

- You Don't Know Where To Start

- You're Feeling Anxious, Stressed, Or Overwhelmed

- You Don't Want To Waste Your Valuable Study Time

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