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"I highly recommend this course! It is extremely well designed and does a great job of preparing you for your actual MMI! The instructors gave great feedback and after taking this course I knew exactly which skills I needed to improve. Most importantly, it made me feel more prepared and confident for my actual interview (MMI)!"​
Danielle Moran
After taking this course, I felt so much more confident for my MMI. The questions that Bin and Curtis went through with me helped me to understand different avenues, and key points to consider when addressing typical MMI questions. I was incredibly pleased with the quality and depth of the feedback that I received, and felt very comfortable when it was my MMI day. I would highly recommend their courses to anyone who is considering pursuing Physiotherapy in the future, and really wants to nail their MMI!”
Abigail “Abby” Idiagbor
"Receiving an invitation to complete the MMI was exciting but very daunting to me. I had no idea how to begin preparing or where to look for resources. Signing up for the Entry to PT course was essential during my preparation process. This course provided me the opportunity to practice and structure my responses and I received valuable feedback. Throughout it, Bin and Curtis were extremely supportive, answered all my questions and provided me with helpful resources. After completing the course I had more confidence and knew how to continue my preparation. I highly recommend this course to future students applying to a Masters in Physical Therapy.”
Camila Schujman
"My experience with Entry To PT was professional, informative, and valuable. The MMI was something that I found to be a stressful task because of the multitude of scenarios that can be presented. Bin and Curtis provided a service that gave me confidence in myself and my answers while better preparing my ability to effectively deal with these tough questions. I believe Entry To PT is a resource that should be used by those who are preparing for the MMI and I am confident in their services." ​
Kurtis Gustafson
“The main thing I was lacking going into my MMI interview was confidence. I constantly practiced questions and read up and learned a lot of information but I was always doubting myself. The only feedback I was getting was my own, and I found I was inexperienced when it came to feedback but also highly self critical. When I completed the Entry to PT course, I gained the confidence and composure I was looking for. The feedback and advice they gave me was so valuable. They created a comfortable and professional environment, using their knowledge and experience to give me the most beneficial learning experience I could have ever received. Anyone looking to be successful in entering Physiotherapy, I highly recommend this course, it allowed me to succeed and it will allow you to succeed as well”
TaHa Hijazi
"I came across this program from a poster on campus - and I’m glad I did. By the time I had my Entry to PT course with Curtis & Bin I had been doing lots of practicing and preparation on my own. However, Curtis & Bin’s course highlighted areas I specifically needed to improve on.
I liked their approach for many reasons. For one, they ensured I was able to practice the question types I was not as confident on. Also, they provided step by step, clear-cut feedback on each question. Throughout the process Curtis and Bin showed dedication to their participants and provided timely responses whenever I reached out to them. What I found to be of most help was the course booklet they provided me at the end of our session as I am a very structured learner. Within the booklet, each question type is clearly broken down and examples provided are not just in the booklet but also in their emails leading up to the MMI. The feedback, encouragement, and follow-up Curtis & Bin provided me was extremely valuable.
I’m very excited to be starting my Masters of Physiotherapy at the University of Manitoba this fall! For anyone who needs more practice, feedback, or structure in their MMI preparation, I highly recommend Curtis & Bin’s Entry to PT course."
Jessica Van Ginkel
“With the MMI coming up within a few weeks, I was feeling very anxious about it. I had friends who had done the MMI for medical school, but I wanted advice from someone who had been through the process for physical therapy. I saw a flier at the University of Manitoba for the Physiotherapy MMI Prep course with Curtis and Binudith. I contacted the two of them and stated what I needed to see if it was possible, which was a session on my own with just the two of them. They were very accepting and able to accommodate for what I needed. The session started off with my perception of the interview, my strengths, and my weaknesses. I was very nervous to practice with them, as it was intimidating to sit across from two licensed physiotherapists. However, Curtis and Binudith were both extremely empathetic. They made me feel at ease seeing as how they had gone through the exact same process. I knew going into the session that my biggest struggle was having structure to my answers, so we practiced some scenarios in order for them to see how I went about answering questions. They provided me with great feedback, highlighting things they liked, things I could work on, and how I could work on those things. They then followed up before my interview, wishing me luck and encouraging me, and then after my interview as well. I incorporated their tips for structure as well as for relaxing myself before the interview and am now happy to say I am starting Physiotherapy at the U of M this coming fall! I truly feel that this (MMI) prep course was a valuable resource in my preparation process and that it can help prepare others as well.”
Irini Youssef
"Entry to PT really helped boost my confidence going into my interview! I would recommend this course to anyone applying to the physical therapy program at U of M as it is much more specific than general medical MMI courses and books that I’ve read. Curtis and Bin were very welcoming and addressed all of the questions I had about the MMI. Both were extremely helpful and made me feel comfortable with answering various formats of MMI questions. The feedback they provided me with really helped me improve my MMI skills. The feedback and strategies they suggested were something I incorporated into each of my answers on my interview day!"
Bailey Truss
I am grateful to have found the Entry to PT course in my preparation for the 2020 multiple mini interview (MMI) application process. Curtis & Bin have been exceptionally valuable in helping me prepare and succeed in the MMI. Included in the program, is a study guide that has helped me better understand the MMI format & the various types of stations. Included, are general performance tips and suggestions on how to adequately structure your response to various types of questions, which I found the most valuable. The Entry to PT course is convenient and practical for students applying for the physical therapy program. By practicing a mock MMI with two professionals in an environment that simulates the actual MMI has helped me gain confidence. Following my mock MMI with Curtis & Bin, I received constructive feedback and my global score. This helped me manage my time preparing for the actual MMI more efficiently by practicing the areas that I needed more improvement. Curtis & Bin have been exceptional instructors throughout the weeks leading to the MMI. They shared weekly sample questions and answers for additional practice. Curtis & Bin provided ample support and words of encouragement before the interview. I appreciated learning from two professionals in the field of physical therapy, as they were able to answer questions to physiotherapy. Having gone through the Master of Physical Therapy program themselves, they were also able to answer any questions I had regarding the two-year program. Overall, the Entry to PT course with Curtis & Bin has been a pleasurable experience. Curtis & Bin have surpassed my expectation in terms of support and service. As I found there was a lack of options available in helping me prepare for the MMI that is specific to physical therapy, I am thankful to have found this course. I highly recommend Curtis and Bin to future students applying for a Master of Physical Therapy program, as they will receive a practical experience and remarkable guidance that will support their success in the MMI.
Lianne Bérard
Entry to PT really helped me form effective strategies for each question type. It boosted my confidence for the actual interview and I found the mock MMI very helpful. Being able to get feedback from someone who knows the field, isn't a friend or family member and knows the correct way to approach each question was very beneficial. I also really liked the practice questions which were sent through email because it's sometimes hard to find good relevant MMI questions online! If anyone is unsure of question types and is in need of some valuable feedback I highly recommend Entry to PT!
Julia Lucht
"The MMI is a completely different experience from a regular interview, having two people who know what to expect and who are able to point out what you specifically can improve on is one of the best ways you can prepare yourself to succeed. The feedback Curtis and Bin will provide for you is clear and concise with actionable steps to improve your answers"
Alex Athayde
I am very happy I decided to sign up for the Entry to PT Course and would highly recommend this course to anyone applying for a physiotherapy program. The course allowed me to gain practice and confidence to succeed in the MMI. In the early stages of studying for interview I did not know what to expect and was not confident in my abilities. The booklet and emails with examples provided by Curtis and Bin allowed me to become familiar with the different types of questions and how to structure my responses. In the mock interview Curtis and Bin provided feedback which included areas of strength and areas for improvement. By providing areas of strength it allowed me to feel more confident in my abilities going in to the interview. By providing areas for improvement it allowed me to make the necessary corrections in time for the interview. I am excited to start my Masters of Physiotherapy at the University of Manitoba in the Fall and would like to thank Curtis and Bin for all the help they provided along the way.
Andrew Dreger

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